Jose Lopez

Integrated Phase Classification (IPC) Global Programme Manager, FAO

José Lopez is the Global Programme Manager for the Integrated Food Security Phase Classi¬cation (IPC) initiative. He leads the IPC Global Support Unit that is hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, Italy.

He has over twenty years of relevant work experience in the humanitarian and food security sectors, in both programming and food security and nutrition analysis, in East, West, Central Africa and Central Asia. Prior to joining the IPC initiative, he was the FAO Resilience Coordinator for the Eastern Africa Sub-Region supporting evidence-based decision making through resilience, food security and nutrition analysis. As Regional Food Security Adviser for the European Commission's Civil Protection and Huma

itarian Aid Operations (ECHO) in East and Central Africa, Jose has also provided technical assistance to countries in designing food assistance strategies and responses. He holds a PhD in Molecular Biology (Paris VI, France) as well as a Master in Biochemistry and Nutrition.